Me in a Nutshell (can you help me get out?)

My name is Kashtin Moen and I am currently on track for my second degree, a Bachelor of Education. My first degree, a Bachelor of Fine Arts Majoring in Drama, is part of my passion for the theatre and is the background for my first teaching area in Drama with my second, of course, being English. I enjoy long walks on the beach, Pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain. Wait… this isn’t a dating site? Awkward. I do, however, enjoy a wide variety of activities such as Steer Wrestling (Rodeo), hockey, football, video gaming, and acting. I come from a small town in Saskatchewan called Elrose where I live on a ranch with my parents, two brothers, one sister, 300 head of cattle, ten (or so) horses, four dogs, and two cats (I think that’s everything). I still call this home even though I currently live with my beautiful girlfriend Wiktoria in Saskatoon while going to school.


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