Three Day Road Final Project Assessment Piece

Although it is somewhat squished on here, I believe that you can get a fairly good idea of what I was going for. Unfortunately, I cannot get that last section of Low, Medium, and High to click into its right place for some unknown reason. Therefore, you will have to use your imagination provided you didn’t lose it as you entered adulthood.

This is for my final project based on the summative learning from the Three Day Road unit as a whole. This project consists of students writing/ sharing a journey that they have undertaken within their lives. It is a very open project that can be easily narrowed down to something as simple as the time they got a flat tire heading to Grandma’s house to advanced such as their journey into or out of friendships/ hardships or whatever else they may like to do. Furthermore, this project has a wide spread of options to complete this task such as writing an essay, creating a picture book, creating a scrapbook, or creating a small play to name a few. I am also very open to students coming up with their own ideas that, of course, must be discussed with me.

The reason that the majority of the rubric is not filled out is because I want to co-construct criteria with my students. I want them to help create the guidelines of their assessment so that they are more invested in reaching their co-constructed goals. In this way, I hope to foster engagement in not only the project itself but in all aspects of the final project creation. I chose to only fill in the “meeting” category (level 3) with an indicator of the affiliated outcomes because I want the students to create the material that goes into that category. The indicators within the level 3 category are simply guidelines to focus student thought. Additionally, I only want to fill out the higher categories (level 3/4) with co-created criteria because I want students to see what they have to do to achieve this level rather than what isn’t meeting expectation (focus on the positive rather than the negative).

This rubric will change depending on what projects the students do as well as the criteria that they feel they should be assessed on. See below the rubric for a quick summation on the final project parameters (as of now anyway).

Three Day Road Outcome Rubric

Name: ________________________     Grade: __________________________

Outcome Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
CC A10.1 : Compose and create a range of     visual , multimedia , oral , and written texts that explore:

  • identity (e.g., Foundational Stories);
  • social responsibility (e.g., Destiny and Challenges of Life); and
  • social action (agency) (e.g., Human Existence).
Beginning Progressing Use representing, speaking, and writing to respond to experiences or texts (e.g., a staged dramatic scene, a television episode, a significant personal event). Established
CR A10.4 : Read, interpret, and draw conclusions about the ideas, information,        concepts, and themes presented in a variety of literary (including poems, plays, essays, short stories, novels) and informational (including magazines, newspapers, and on-line information) texts. Beginning Progressing Read, comprehend, and explain the human experiences and values reflected in various literary and informational texts created by First Nations, Métis, Saskatchewan, Canadian, and international authors from various cultural communities. Established
CC A10.3 : Use oral language to express a

range of information and ideas in formal

(including a prepared talk on a familiar topic, an oral presentation of a passage of prose or poetry, and a retelling of a narrative or a recounting of an experience or event) and informal (discussion and group work) situations.

Beginning Progressing Recognize and adjust oral presentation elements effectively (i.e., articulation, pronunciation, volume, tempo, pitch, stress, gestures, eye contact, facial expression, and poise) in keeping with purpose, audience needs, and individual cultural and linguistic background. Established



Assessment OF Learning (Summative) Assess the students after learning to evaluate what they have learned.

-How the individual topics as well as the topics as a whole (cumulative) are portrayed within the students writing about their own personal journey.

-The extent of detail in which the student uses to create their final project will be assessed.

-The level of inclusion of the topics Literary Elements/Perspectives, Identity and Relationships, The Effect of War on Canada and its People, and Indigenous Perspectives will be assessed.


My Comments about the rubric:

  • This is my preliminary rubric and I will be adapting it based upon discussion with my class. Another way that I may go is towards the style of the dance rubric that I will provide as well.
  • This was constructed using the Saskatchewan Curriculum Builder Add-On to Google Chrome.
  • The highlighted text is based on the cognitive domain material which, of course, does not show up online (know that it is there though).

One thought on “Three Day Road Final Project Assessment Piece

  1. Hi Kashtin!
    This is an interesting way to construct a rubric. I like how you put the exact outcomes that we, as teachers, are trying to meet. Plus, the co-constructed part is always a great idea. It allows students to have a say in what they are being graded on.


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