Drama English Bridge Continuation- Party Quirks

Lesson Plan Title: Drama English Bridge Continuation

Date: February 28, 2017   Subject: ELA/ Drama      Grade:  7/8        Topic: Drama

Materials: Bodies, Pen, Paper            Time: 1 hr. (Split into two 30 minute classes)

Essential Question: How does role playing using the dramatic arts function as a catalyst for learning about self, others, other subjects, and the world.

See Drama English Bridge- Party Quirks for BAL’s, CCC’s, Outcomes and Indicators, PGP goals, and assessment.

 Stage 1- Desired Results –

What do they need to understand, know, and/or able to do?

How does role playing help you learn about yourself, others, other subjects, and the world.

Demonstrate confidence and imagination

To further their knowledge of descriptive language

Stage 3- Learning Plan

Motivational/Anticipatory Set (introducing topic while engaging the students) (15 Mins)

-Hand back their papers.

-Talk about the host as a detective trying to ask questions and figure out who is at their party.

-Write possible questions to ask guests on the board.

Main Procedures/Strategies: (5 min explanation and 30 Mins activity (Split into 5 mins each))

1. Do a round as the host- ask teacher to choose the quirks for the students.

2. Write down some of the things I noticed about one character and write a sentence about them on the board to scaffold the style and detail of the hand-in assignment. (Clarification purposes as well)

See activity Party Quirks below.

1.      Each round consists of 4 people: 3 have quirks and there is one host. Students have approx. 5 mins to conduct the round (but they may not need the full amount of time).

2.      The audience will (on paper) provide a quick description of two characters (from any of the rounds to be handed in at the end of class).


-Varying difficulty of “quirks”

-Using drama to expand vocabulary (a different way to learn ELA rather than only worksheets)

-Whiteboard examples and questions to help students if they need a quick helper during the scene.

-Talking about the host as more of a detective for clarification purposes

Closing of lesson: (approx. 10 Mins)

– Identify and discuss the importance of focus to successful drama work.

– Explain how drama work helps to develop a deeper understanding of communication and interdependence. (Clarity, Focus, Intentions) (Could you do this exercise by yourself?)

-How does this lesson apply to your English Class?

How did your use of descriptive language enhance your ability to form a clearer mental picture of the character your classmates were creating?



M. Wilkinson ’16 *Adapted from Understanding by Design (McTighe and Wiggins, 1998)


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