Term 1 PGP Entries

Date PGP Target Context Evidence (250 Character Max.) Summary of Teacher Feedback (1000 Character Max.) Analysis/Next Steps/Plan for Growth (1000 Character Max.) Plan for Growth Revisited
14 Oct 2016 1.1 – the ability to maintain respectful, mutually supportive and equitable professional relationships with learners, colleagues, families and communities; Other In-Class Instruction (Small group, one-on-one, co-teaching etc.) I have taken and worked with many students both one on one as well as in small groups when I have been asked by the teacher or through my own observations of students needing help in the classroom. It is important to continuously establish professional relationships within your career. It allows you a support network that makes you strive to be a better teacher and contributor to your school. This is important because my partner teacher is instilling her trust and confidence in my abilities as both a teacher and as a professional colleague. I plan on continuing to adapt and support my classroom and my partner teacher to help both my students and myself learn as much as possible. I will continue to work one on one or in small groups until my partner teacher believes I am ready to take over the classroom collectively. Achieved
28 Sep 2016 1.3  a commitment to social justice and the capacity to nurture an inclusive and equitable environment for the empowerment of all learners; and Other In-Class Instruction (Small group, one-on-one, co-teaching etc.) I stopped students in class from bullying another student. I told the class that I would not stand for such negativity in my or my partner teacher’s classroom. It is important to establish a safe space within the classroom and the elimination of problems like bullying is an important step for students to feel comfortable wihtin the classroom and to work to the best of their ability. I believe that a safe and positive learning environment is key to student success. It is very important, if not the most important, to me as I work towards getting my own classroom because if students do not feel safe or cared for learning cannot be accomplished. Therefore, it is imperative that bullying in the classroom/ school is halted so that student safety (physical, mental, and emotional) is not in jeopardy. I will always strive to eliminate bullying from my classroom and the school in general. Still in progress
01 Nov 2016 1.2  ethical behaviour and the ability to work in a collaborative manner for the good of all learners; Professional Conversation I shared my lesson plan with my partner teacher and taught her how to “teach” it. We used constructive criticism to determine how it could be adapted and how the students can better connect the physical and the theoretical aspects of the lesson. Helping out colleagues is an excellent way to establish better professional relationships. In this way, we work together towards the common goal of successful and meaningful  learning for our students and our peers. I shared my lesson on “Flocking” that included the dance aspect and the theory behind it (Rudolf Laban’s Effort Theory). Through sharing my lesson and the thoughts and process behind it, my partner teacher and, by extension, I will get a better idea of how to teach dance in the future. Therefore, through collaboration our classrooms will benefit from a better experience within their dance unit. I plan on building this lesson farther in the future through more collaboration so that everyone can learn and enjoy this lesson. Still in progress
01 Nov 2016 1.4  a commitment to service and the capacity to be reflective, lifelong learners and inquirers. Professional Conversation I created a lesson on dance and in media studies which I am fairly inexperienced with. After the lessons, I asked my partner teachers for some constructive criticism to help better my lessons in the future. Reflection allows us to refine our skills as educators. By showing students that we are continuously learning, we become powerful role models and advocates for continued learning throughout their lives. This is important because it will help make my lesson plans better in the future and, furthermore, will help me become a better teacher. Through asking my partner teachers for some constructive criticism, I am able to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of my two different lessons. It also allows me to figure out how I can continue learning and growing as a teacher. Furthermore, their responses (as well as the student reflections within the lesson itself) will help give me a few tools that I can use to continue to be reflective, a life-long learner, and an inquirer. Still in progress
30 Nov 2016 2.2  proficiency in the Language of Instruction; Other In-Class Instruction (Small group, one-on-one, co-teaching etc.) I worked with an English as an Additional Language student on a character development sheet that needed to be completed in an intern’s drama class because of my drama background. I had previously worked with this student on other assignments as well. If the students can see that you know what you are doing then they are more inclinded to listen and adapt the information that you are giving them. Further, it is important to be competent in your abilities to explain information to your students in whichever medium you choose (Notes, PowerPoint presentation, etc…). The student did not speak a lot of English and, therefore, I had to use differentiated teaching to help this student work towards completing his sheet. It is very possible that had I not taken the time to work with this student one on one he would have not done this assignment. I was looking for opportunities to bring my dramatic knowledge into the classroom and,  through helping this student with this assignment, I was able to share some of my knowledge in this subject area with my students. This is important because I want to be a drama teacher someday and I need experience teaching in the area. I was able to have a first hand look at the struggle that some students have with drama but I also got to work with them to eliminate these struggles. I hope to help any student within this class with drama. In the future, I hope I can continue working with students to expand thier drama knowledge as well as my own. Achieved
06 Dec 2016 2.3  knowledge of First Nations, Metis and Inuit Culture and History (e.g., Treaties, Residential School, Scrip, and Worldview); Other In-Class Instruction (Small group, one-on-one, co-teaching etc.) I helped out in the classroom while the students did First Nations beadwork with a guest. Being culturally aware and considerate is an important part of our jobs as teachers. By including First Nations material in the classroom, students are subjected to another culture which helps to diminish racism and sterotyping based on misinformation and ignorance. The inclusion of First Nation, Metis, and Inuit culture and history helps foster reconcilliation over the tragic events of the past in which this culture and history was almost lost. Working with this medium was important because it gave the students and I better insight into the First Nations culture by exploring one of their artforms, First Nations Beadwork. I was able to connect this beadwork to other artforms such as beading in mocassins, beaded quiltwork, and beaded hatbands (on cowboy hats which I have two of). This helped further the learning and allowed students to see the multiple uses of this medium both as visual art as well as functional art. This is important to me because I would love to bring this activity into my own classroom if I am to teach art as a class. I believe it fits very nicely into the artwork theme but also allows a breief look into another culture. I would love to tie this activity in with a whole unit of cultural artwork which includes this beadwork but also includes things such as henna, mandalas, dreamcatchers,  stained glass, or clay cultural sculptures. It is also important to me that the students understand why they are doing these cultural works. Therefore, tying it in with lessons on the meaning and origen of the art is a must. In this way, I hope to teach cultural artforms/work with integrity and substance. Still in progress
01 Nov 2016 2.4  ability to use technologies readily, strategically and appropriately Formal Lesson I used a plethora of different media to teach my students. PowerPoint, YouTube, Facebook posts, and different websites all projected through a projector screen. Also used snapchat news (and other news sites) stories to discuss media. As you may notice in the classroom, students are increaingly connected to technology and, thus, it is important to incorporate it into the classroom. I feel as though I excel in this area. I used different videos to use as visual aids that work to scaffold the material I was presenting. I further had to connect this media to the projector and fully hook it up the computer in a manner that it was a quick and effective learning tool within the classroom. I will work towards being comfortable with including technology within my classroom to bring ease to presentations as well as be able to introduce topics in a vibrant visually-pleasing manner. Achieved
01 Nov 2016 2.5  knowledge of a number of subjects taught in Saskatchewan schools (disciplinary/interdisciplinary knowledge); and Formal Lesson  I have observed a plethora of different subjects such as Visual Arts, Arts Education, Media Studies, English, SAGE (advanced) English, and Drama. While it is important that you are an expert (knowldegable) within your field, it is almost equally as important to know about a wide variety of subjects so that you can use them to suppliment and further the learning within your own subject. Through my observations, I’ve developed an idea of successful strategies (Think Pair Share, Socratic Circles, etc) that I think will benefit me within my teaching career. I have discussed with many teachers about what makes a lesson plan successful or not, the value of being able to think on your feet, and being able to adapt as you go. Using this information, I can continue bettering my knowledge of lesson planning and my understanding of the material/ content (curricula) that I will be teaching. I can use this knowledge gained in many different subjects to help enrich my own classroom. Looking forward, I want to keep gaining knowledge about other subject areas so I can observe many different types of successful teachers and attempt to translate that into becoming a better teacher myself. By connecting the broad knowledge base that I am constructing through observing to my own subject areas, I will be better able to help and support my students in a more rounded and meaningful way. Still in progress
01 Nov 2016 2.6  ability to strive for/pursue new knowledge Formal Lesson I created a dance lesson plan and taught dance to grade 9 Arts education students. As educators, it is important that we continue to learn as well and, therefore, can be used as good role models for students to see the need/ importance of being lifelong learners.  I am a Drama English teacher so many of these classes that I have observed have been up my alley but I have really challenged myself by trying to teach a lesson in dance to put me out of my “comfort zone.” Therefore, I did extensive research into the topic of grade 9 arts education dance and constructed my lesson plan and my dance concept that I used out of this. This shows my willingness to be a lifelong learner and explore other areas of knowledge that I have not explored before. I had to familiarize myself with the curriculum content in order to be able to construct my lesson plan. What is most important to me in this lesson is that dance is not one of my areas of expertise but I feel as though I could build a dance unit out of my lesson plan and a few other ideas (from both the curriculum and my partner teacher). Now that I have achieved confidence in Arts 9 dance, I will continue to expand my knowledge and pursue new challenges because of the confidence gained from the success of my lesson. Achieved
30 Nov 2016 1.1 – the ability to maintain respectful, mutually supportive and equitable professional relationships with learners, colleagues, families and communities; Professional Conversation I had a discussion with my partner teacher about the strengths and weaknesses of my media studies lesson and she gave me some constructive criticism on how it can be better adapted/ structured in the future. The ability to continually refine a lesson helps to give your students the best education possible. It is important that we as educators help one another out towards this common goal of learning. This was very valuable to me because I got to try something new and, for the most part, succeed in providing a good lesson to the students. I also was able to see the areas in which I can improve. Thus, the discussion was a wonderful learning experience and learning tool that I can build upon as I move forward in my career. Now that I have a better knowledge/ awareness of my lesson, I hope to continue to receive feedback on my future lessons so that I can continue to adapt and learn so that I can continuously strive to give my students a better educational experience. Achieved

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